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Nature's Classroom

Chaperones 2010


 Last Name, First Gender Sec # Representing
1 Cerone, Kim F 601
2 Cerone, Michael M 605
3 Corigliano, Toni F 605
4 DeMarco, Pete M 602
5 Dziezynski, John  M 608
6 Ferrara, Jodie F  
7 Hughs, Sean  M 601
8 Iwaneczko, Tanya F 603
9 Moehler(Detrick) ,Kathy F 604
10 Musto, Maureen F 601
11 Ryan, Nicole F 607
12 Teator, Jim  M 606
13 Thornton, Todd M 604



We want to thank all the parents that expressed an interest in being a chaperone for this trip. Each year we have over twenty parents offer their services. For the safety of our children, we attempt to have all the chaperones be certified South Colonie teachers and staff. When a few more adults are needed, we consider the criteria listed below.
Our criteria for selecting chaperones:
1.  The parent is well known (and trusted) in the community. 
2. The parent has demonstated an interest in working with all the children on the trip.
3. The parent has experience working with middle school students is some capacity. (For example, has coached basketball, has run a girl scout troop.)
4. The parent of the child needs to attend for medical reasons.
If any parent sees a name on this list that you believe does not meet our criteria, contact Ms. Moehler and Mr. Guardino immediately.